Institute for Comparative Law and Legal Theory

Összehasonlító Jogi és Jogelméleti Intézet

Institute for Comparative Law and Legal Theory

2003 saw a new academic research department being established by the Faculty of Law at Szeged University, the Institute of Comparative Law, to make sure comparative legal research would gain more traction and the various foreign language programmes at the Faculty might be provided with a permanent venue.



Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Szeged University has been welcoming students and training lawyers of the future for 89 years. The methods applied and the courses offered in the training fully conform to the requirements of a dynamically changing world. As a reaction to international trends, the law faculty of the 21st century builds on digitisation, the rapid changes in technology and demography.


Szegedi Tudományegyetem / Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar



Szegedi Tudományegyetem

Szeged University

The educational mission of Szeged University and the cultivation of competitive research by international standards coupled with a research university character are inseparably linked to each other. Szeged University is represented in almost all training strands. The institution guarantees quality knowledge and a marketable degree for every one of its nearly 25,000 students who have chosen to pursue their studies here.