Szeged University

With time-honoured traditions, Szeged University is a high-prestige institution of tertiary education in Hungary that regards as its mission the high-quality education provided at undergraduate and masters, scientific (doctoral) studies, higher vocational education and advanced specialised training levels. The educational mission of Szeged University and the cultivation of competitive research by international standards coupled with a research university character are inseparably linked to each other. Szeged University is represented in almost all training strands. The institution guarantees quality knowledge and a marketable degree for every one of its nearly 25,000 students who have chosen to pursue their studies here.

Szegedi Tudományegyetem


Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Szeged University has been welcoming students and training lawyers of the future for 89 years. The methods applied and the courses offered in the training fully conform to the requirements of a dynamically changing world. As a reaction to international trends, the law faculty of the 21st century builds on digitisation, the rapid changes in technology and demography. The faculty also specialises in complex interdisciplinary issues such as artificial intelligence or blockchain technology.



Szeged is known as the city of the Sun and, in many regards, it is on a par with the capital: a modern trolley bus and tram transport network, indoor swimming pools, a Turkish bath, a cinema, a theatre and a variety of sporting, entertainment and relaxation facilities eagerly await university students. In 2014, Szeged was included in the top-10 European university cities on the CondéNastTraveler portal, along with other prestigious cities such as Heidelberg, Krakow, Leuven or Oxford. In the top-100 list of the international travel page, Trivago, which lists the best destinations of the world on a money-for-value basis, Szeged ranked 5th place.

Szeged város

József Attila Tanulmányi és Információs Központ

Attila József Academic and Information Centre (TIK)

More commonly known as the “beating pulse of the Uni”, the Centre has been able to create synergy between the conference world and university services because, since its inception, the Centre has been characterised as possessing five prominent features: a space for conferences, studies, education, services and human interaction. These functions have been truly justified by a daily average of 3,500 to 4,000 visitors to the Centre, adding up to a yearly figure of 800,000 and over 2,000 events in the past ten years.



The preferred venue for university student entertainment opened to the public in March 1973 by the name Attila József University Club. By the mid-80s, the institution had become a nationwide cultural hub for entertainment. A refurbished air-raid shelter, the underground club is situated in the basement of the central building of Szeged University in downtown Szeged. Its very location is a direct indication of how integral this club is to everyday student life. A café by day and a venue for faculty parties, concerts, scores of DJs, cultural programmes, theatrical and poetic evenings and a dance hall by night.

JATE klub